We have reached a point in our timeline

An age which has proven to be a sick crime

Perverting the natural order

Of flesh, blood and the predator

Raping the land and salting the earth,

to create mass slaughter by controlling living birth.

Fighting this atrocity is what we must do

if we wish to see our children stay human and true.


The Violet Sky

As we lay here under the glittering moonlit sky, under the lights of the past and between the flora of which we come, I wonder about the origins of conflict.

Why cannot they look as we do?

Why cannot they see?

With you in my embrace, how could I see anything other than love?

The ties that bind are greater than the points that break.

When logic and knowledge die, ignorance and strife will reign.

War comes, but not one of bloodshed.

Enemies of thought will be challenged, and together we will survive.

We are not alone, and others will be gathered.

So as we lay here under the sparkling violet sky, under the illumination of ages lost, and between the fauna from which we return, I wonder what the dawn shall bring.


A twinkle in the distance, a flicker of hope in one’s eye.

Phosphorescence exemplified.

Illuminating oblivion’s zenith way up high.

Nonexistence is existent as an image of what is gone.

Life once lived is the light before the dawn.


Deeper into the hole I go, alone, with nothing to guide me. Descending into darkness, decay, and dissolution. Seeking a light, a guiding beacon, freedom from the chains of the dark. As I look for an escape, I get bound further by the constricting tendrils of my own thoughts. I’ll surely go mad before I find the light again.


Blinding, bright, awe inspiring light.

Deadly, dark, death bringing might.

Under such power, people cower.

Under fiery breath lies only death.

When the twisted hatred of man emerges, death comes in droves and surges.

Leaving chaos and death in its wake.

The power only a god may take.


A conglomeration of woven calamity, ritualistically evil and vicious.

Spinning until falling from reality,

feel a silent darkness take you.

Enter and the main spectacle is you.

Flowing with dread color, no emotion but fear,

run from yourself, no control, tormented alone.

Can you pull the strings?



Always the current goes, never stopping, never ending.

But also the current ends, always starting anew.

The current becomes the before.

The current becomes the after.

Always, the current is constant.