Encyclopedia Ward I

Section I: Places in The Land of the Fading Light

“Encyclopedia Ward I” by Bellian Ward, First of his name, Scholar of Menachronos

A work in progress, as we continue to travel The Land of the Fading Light, I shall continue to add more entries.

Note before reading: The entries are intentionally vague for the players to prevent spoilers. As the players travel and explore the land, pictures will be added and descriptions made more substantive. A complete version of the Encyclopedia may be found: here.

Agal’s Rock- A rocky mountain face where it is said the Halfmen made their stand. An immovable gate guards the inside of the hollow rock. Said to be where The Invincible Gatekeeper earned his title.

Argavos Ruins- Rumored to be the first kingdom in all The Land. Many scholars believe all life originated here. Now a blasted ruin covered in permafrost.

Bel Atoll- A tropical island where great secrets lie. Home to a famous blacksmith of an ancient bloodline known for refining Azurite. Rich beyond measure.

Bel Cadis- The easternmost island beyond the Subsumed Kingdom. Said to be the resting place of the greatest Demon Lord. To arrive, one must first produce the symbol.

Bel Darkon- An archipelago said to be the birthplace of the Darkon bloodline. Home of the traditional Darkon Smiths who mine and work with Azurite.

The Black Crags- The natural border around the Desolation. A mountain range charred black. It is unknown what dwells here.

The Black Dune- The Black Dune in the Ebon Desert. Bones of dead pilgrims litter the dark sea. A mountain of black sand under which a demon sleeps, buried by the Gods.

The Bloody Bay- A gulf where the water and sands are a crimson hue. Known as the Bloody Bay, it is said that the water is poison. There are no settlements for a hundred miles.

Blue Marsh- A village built upon a marsh tinted blue. Said to be the home of great pyromancers. Now it is nothing but a forgotten ruin.

Cape Town- A shanty town on the eastern coast of The Peninsula of Dawn. Famous for its food. Many travelers come through here on their journeys.

Cauroboros- Cauroboros, ancient City of Lights. Where one may go to sate desire. A place where one may ease their burden and engage in festivity. Orbs of light float throughout the city, illuminating the streets with a beautiful white light.  Nothing but a fairy tale.

The Celestial Sands of Uma Sura- A pristine desert of bleached sand. Said to glow under an eclipse of the Dual Moons. Home to the God Knights, who walk in eternity.

The Citadel of Flame- A great castle of basalt and obsidian on the border of the Western Illusory Wood. Built by the first adherents of the Burning Lord. Birthplace of the Covenant of Fire.  A place of grim respite in the cursed province.

The Crepuscular Dusklands- The lands which border the Dark Territory and where the sky is unending twilight. Fields of rare and dangerous flora and fauna. Inhabited by the Glorious Maidens.

The Crystal Mountain- A mountain formed of an unknown crystal, unable to be mined. It is said “Inside Crystal Mountain, evil takes its form. Inside Crystal Mountain, commandments are reborn.” A place unfit for visit. A place of psychic magic created by a mysterious Overlord.

The Dark Territory- A land of perpetual night. Inhabited by hermits and a blind folk, known for their vicious dogs. A chill looms in the land.

The Dead Mountain- Once home to a now extinct civilization of Halfmen which spoke in a strange tongue. There is said to be a gem inside of the mountain which exudes a powerful magic. Governed by a fallen Lord, who is said to still sit on his stony throne.

The Dead Mountain.jpg

The Desolation of Sadow- Said to be the location of a great reckoning. Where once was the greatest kingdom, now is naught but ashen dust. The people who inhabited the land were forced underground. The lord was said to be a being of unmatched strength.

Doragell – Oasis village on the border of The Outskirts. Known for its exotic goods and oddities.

The Ebon Desert- A desert of black sand, hot and devoid of life.

Elysium- The Elysium, a subterranean sanctuary created by the peaceful chosen. A hidden paradise protected by the subjugated guardian. Only a few stories comment on its location or existence. Most likely a mere fantasy.

Fallmarsh A settlement built on a sinking marsh just north of Lake Nevermore. It’s inhabitants have all but disappeared.

Faugen Keep- A keep surrounded by an impassable moat. Said to be the home of a terrifying host of the undying. Was once the holdfast of a great lord who fell to deceit.

The Faugen Keep.jpg

Gerevek- A popular village in the north. Guarded by warding magics. Loved by its inhabitants for its hearty ales and warm breads. A place one could call home in this land.

The Glasslands, also known as The Mirror Wastes- The Lands of Glass. Burned to nothing by something beyond. The ground is absent with mirage ‘neath your feet.

Goss Haram- A mighty stone complex dedicated to gods of yore. Said to have been defeated and conquered during the Wars of Helfaust. Now home to shamanic seers which wield powerful magic.

The Great Altar- A gargantuan altar located deep in the Outskirts adorned with uncountable trinkets. Its constructors are unknown. Many say it to have been a site of communication to the Beyond, and perhaps a final destination for pilgrims.

Great Baraid, Heart of the North- The Kingdom of Great Baraid. Known as the Heart of the North. Never has fallen to siege. Unknown how to enter, or if there is even still inhabitants. Rumored to have been the origin of all gold.

Helgon’ Bar- The Bar Clan stronghold. A white skinned race of brutish people perform rituals to their war god.

Helgon’ Ghaast- The Ghaast Clan stronghold. Mighty warriors dedicate themselves to the Way of the Wraith. The Ghaast Wraiths are said to be ethereal raiders who wield twin spears.

Helgon’ Gor- The Gor Clan stronghold. Primitive, tribal warriors and shamans dedicate themselves to the Gore God. Led by a powerful Warlord who wields an ancient weapon of antiquity.

Helgon’ Khan- The Khan Clan stronghold. The conquerors of Goss Haram. Brutal warriors who fought on aerial mounts. However, when their Warlord succumbed to madness, the conquerors were scattered to history.

Hesk Felinel- The greatest forest in all The Land. A green domain where anyone could lose themselves. It is said that the heart of the wood contains an eternal sanctuary. Any who invoke the wrath of nature shall be forever hexed.

High Shasir- Also known as the Spire of Salaseth. Said to be the home of dragons.  Many pilgrims traverse its treacherous roads which circle the mountain. Monasteries of the Dragon Monks are hidden in the cliff face.

The Hills of the Holy- A hilly region located in The Mistlands. The most devout of people can see beyond the fog.

House Valence- Ancient noble house of the Vald province. Steeped in mystery. Their famous words, nearly lost to time: “There is no darkness, there is no light. There is neither chaos, nor order. There is no honor, and there is no shame. There is only life and death. For that is our curse. For that is our blessing.”

Jaraedi- A village known for its famous Coven. Said to have cursed the place as they departed. Now nothing but hanged corpses and abandoned houses remain.

Jareadi (Abandoned).jpg

Jatari Point- An ancient harbor, now overgrown. Once the port for the fleet of Den’ Jatar. For one to look out towards the western horizon, it is said you can see true beauty.

Jend Plateau- A tribal plateau, named after the Jend, a primitive, shamanic species. Between Retaxis and Irildaran.

The Kingdom of the Deep- A massive subterranean kingdom once ruled by a benevolent lord. The entrance caved in long ago. For one to enter, it is untold what they might find.

Lake Nevermore- A lake of black water located in southeastern Voh. Said to be a site of ancient ritual. Children’s stories tell of an ancient evil which lurks at the bottom.

Marhill- A small village built atop a great waterfall. Home to a soothsayer who peers into the water.

Menachronos- Once a grand city, now nothing more than an abandoned village. Home to the Menachron Scholars, who study in the largest library in all The Land. Ruled by the benevolent Menachron, the All Seeing Baron.

The Mistlands- A grassy expanse, where the clouds touch the ground. An ancient burial ground. Home to settlements in the Hills of the Holy.

Moor Hargrim- Ancient battlefield of yore. Where the demons burned and took flight. A hallowed plain, stretching towards the subsumed kingdom.

Morathi Plain- A vast green scape which would convince even the learned that The Land was entirely flat. Home of the Giants. It is said in children’s stories that the Hills of Morathi were flattened by footsteps of the Giants.

Mountains of Megrim- A terrible mountain range with great grey trees. “For one to walk through the Mountains of Megrim, is for one to lose their life, but still live.” A place of interest among scholars. Campfire stories tell of it to have been once climbed by a madman.

Mount Vas- Home of the lords of the sky and their disciples of death. Adherents to the Bringer of Death. The Reapers come for those who are untrue. For those who sin.

New Alaris Ruins- An ancient kingdom now just a settlement. Watched by The Vengeant Sentinels who still guard their Lord’s tomb. Birthplace of the Five Tenets of Vengeance.

The Ocean of Omens- Ocean east of the Silver Reaches. Many brave sailors traverse the treacherous waters. Said to be inhabited by a great evil and its spawn.

Old Borealis- The heart of Voh before the Curse. A legendary treetop city of the Highborne. Once the center of knowledge, trade and magic. Purged by the Reapers of the Good Lady after it was said the Highborne were born of darkness.

Old Faratchet- An old fortress now inhabited by The Last Men. Led by a Lord whose origin is unknown. Was once used as an armory for a King’s Elite during the Wars of the East.

The Abandoned Farachet.jpg

Old Halcyon, The Astral Kingdom- Of Vald. Home of the elite ancient order of Astral Knights. A legendary place where it is said the Lords were descendants of the stars. However the stars are gone now, and it is a mere shadow of its former glory.

The Old Kingdom of Voh- A great old kingdom, located in northwestern Voh. Said to have fell to corruption. The birthplace of many adventurers which never returned.

Old Penfort- An orderly village, acknowledged for its high valor. Many elegant armors and weapons were created during its heyday. Everyone knows a Penfort Honorable when they see one.

The Outskirts, also known as The Outer Lands, The Edgelands- As far west as west goes. The land of the exiled, the lost, and the broken. A destination for the hopeless. For it is said, in the outskirts, one may find renewed purpose.

The Pilgrim’s Path- A path on the western coast of The Land. A treacherous path with stones marking Pilgrims points of meditation. It is claimed that for a pilgrim to walk the path, the pilgrim shall be granted bountiful insight.

Red Road- A road running north to south from Argavos to the Silver City. Its stones were said to have been laid by the first wanderers of The Land.

Refuge Valar- A fabled dwelling said to be nestled within the peaks of the Sky Mountains. As it is said “When the suns and moons shine together in the sky, when the Usurpers are no more, and when the coil is removed, the light will return to Valar.”

Relaerin- A coastal village known for its tradition of masterful sword techniques. The home of the Blade Dancers who date back a millennia. Said to have been erased by House Valence for not withholding a vow.

Retaxis- Swaran Kingdom steeped in secrecy, home to the Guild of Assassins. It’s people were said to have fell to their own undoing. East of Irildaran.

The Ruins of Den’Jatar- A series of great islands beyond Jatari Point, once home to a powerful army. Said to have spawned the greatest naval fleet that ever was.

Seltandor the Great- Said by many to be the greatest kingdom that ever was. It is unknown where it is located, but many ancient texts and stories give evidence of its proposed existence.

The Silver City- On the Shores of Silver lies The Silver City. Where the hearts of the people beat separate. Where barons govern the dead in their Silver Castle. Where the dungeons and pits condemn the heretics.

The Silver City.jpg

The Silver Reaches- “On the southern coast of the Peninsula of Dawn, there is a land on which the suns shine true. Where the waters sparkle, and the waves crest gently o’er the sands of silver hue.”

The Sky Mountains of Ril’Gorah-  Mountains which are said to ascend past the heavens. Scholars say it is the place where a king of yore witnessed the Beyond.

Small Soressa- A dusty town off the Red Road in Voh. Inhabited by strange folk. Attracts a lot of attention.

The Subsumed Kingdom- A kingdom on the eastern border, before Bel Cadis. Said to have been subsumed by the sea during a great war. Many say that the kingdom is larger than it looks.

Sultanate of Irildaran- A series of settlements and villages ruled by a failing tyrannical government extending its arms out into Swara. Many rebellious groups are present. A war-torn place.

The Swaran Foothills- A dirty, war-torn land of bandits and thieves. Many roving bands of fighters and rebels have claimed the Foothills as a land free of the Sultanates rule.

The Temple of Flesh- A primordial site which is said to be the resting place of a terrible dormant beast and its spawn. A labyrinth of tunnels and corridors run underground. Many plunderers and treasure seekers ache for its secrets. However many are told never to go down.

Tiriclif- The hearth of Tiriclif. An unseeming village. Known for their hunters, adventurers and unlikely heroes. Once in close relation with Argavos. Ancient legends claim it to be the birthplace of a Great Lord.

Uma Sura- Uma Sura, meaning ‘God Home’. A land untouched by war. Birthplace of the legendary order of God Knights in the Celestial Sands.

Veckordt- A great feudal region known for its chivalrous knights and beautiful maidens. Torn from the inside out due to its own honor. The Knights of Veckordt remain, and still uphold the traditions of the land.

The Waterlands- A dismal, swampy land in the East. Legend says it once was a tropical paradise. Inhabited by a group of roaming mercenaries.

Where The Cold Winds Blow- As north as north goes. An island far beyond the Argavos Ruins. A boreal hell. A great tundra which is home to the mighty kingdom of the inhuman Frost Lords. A place of eternal night unfit for life.

Xavagil- A magnificent and colossal tree which is bound by magic. Rumored to be a sanctuary to the Highborne, however many refute this, as there is no entrance.

Zile- A beautiful garden land of magnificent oaks and towering flowers. Colors unknown to the human eye are found in natural wildlife here. Home to the native Zileans, who are extremely kind hearted, yet infamously grotesque.


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