The Vanquishers

The New Vanquisher order, a covenant that vows to destroy the Demon Lords of Yore and return peace to the world. Created in the RPG ‘ASTLF’.


Argos Vegrulfr of Tiriclif,

Descendant of the First Vanquisher



Hartke Torix of the Blue Marsh,

Son of Locrian,

Hunter of the Forest Watch

Hartke Torix, The Forest Knight




Firelord Orus


Firelord Orus.jpg



Lipier Morincott of Relaerin

Lipier Morincott of Relaerin.jpg


Vehunge, the Last Reaper

Reaper Lord Vehunge.jpg


Shé of Silver

Shé of Silver.jpeg



Skylord Skar’thos

Skylord Skar'thos.jpg




Sadowan Mortrau

Sadowan Mortrau.jpg




Sadowan Darklord Ditanas

Sadowan Darklord Ditanas.jpg




The Wanderer










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